DAILY MANNA DCLM 2 MARCH 2019 — Tarry Still



TEXT GENESIS 26:17-25.

KEY VERSE”And he removed from thence, and digged another well; and for that they strove not: and he called the name of it Rehoboth; and he said, For now the LORD hath made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land” (GENESIS 26:22).



People respond differently to seemingly great opposition and conflict. Some give up too quickly and easily while others opt to fight back fiercely to defend their rights. Neither of these is always the right approach.

Isaac was by no means a coward; he was a realist. The odds were overwhelmingly against him when pitched against the more populous people of Gerar. Twice he
dug a well and found water and each time, the herdsmen of Gerar fought against him and claimed the wells. Strikingly, each time also, Isaac moved farther away from them, and began prospecting for water all over. By the third attempt when he struck water, his enemies had got tired of fighting to claim his property. Even when he could have fought back, Isaac took his predicament philosophically, giving striking names to the wells he successfully dug. He called the first Esek meaning, the well of argument. The second, he named Sitnah, the well of anger. And the third was called Rehoboth, which means, the well where there was room enough for us at last. He believed that it was the Lord who had made room for him and his family. And soon enough, the Lord appeared to reassure him that He would bless him abundantly.

It is not every time that we must stand to claim our rights. More appropriately, we must be prepared to cede our rights if that will make for peaceful coexistence, trusting God to grant us favour or subdue our opposers. We must ask Him for the wisdom to know when to withdraw and when to stand up and fight for what rightly belongs to us. We must not however, tow the line of social agitators who will never give up their rights. Besides, in whatever venture we are engaged in, we must persist, even when the road is strewn with thorns and opposition. When we persist long enough, and remain on the high ground of righteousness, in due course, we shall succeed.

Those who give up easily in the face of opposition, cede their posterity to others.



How believers should deal with their personal “adversaries”

1. These are the ungodly adversaries using physical violence to take your wells of water or inheritance from you vv19-22.

2. Always seek the path of peace v17,22, Hebrews 12:14.

3. Avoid physical combat with your “adversaries”, especially if you are not appointed as a security agent vv20,21.

4. Even when it appears your personal right is trampled upon, never yield to the temptation of fire for fire or violence for violence vv19,22. Remember Naboth and Ahab.

5. The greatest weapons against against your ” adversaries” are the spiritual weapons. Isaac, being a man of prayers, must have used this weapon and it worked vv22-25.

6. Observe that even though Isaac’s approach is unpopular and it was difficult for an unconverted person to understand, God was pleased with him vv24,25.

7 Neve give up whatever happens.
Winners never quit and quitters never win

8. What New Testament passages supports this principle of Isaac in dealing with personal “adversaries”



1. Storms do not alarm me, they sometime must cease,
Trials cannot harm me, for I have blessed peace;
All I’ve left behind me, I long for no more,
Better things shall find me on Canaan’s shore.


Let those who will stay in Egypt land,
I am bound for Canaan,
Where milk and honey flowing, shall every need supply;
All battles fought and the victory won,
Peace and joy my portion,
My soul shall rest on its shore by and by.

2. Troubles do not fret me, they cannot abide,
Though they may beset me, in Jesus, I will hide,
All the world’s commotion about me may roam,
There’s no stormy ocean on Canaan’s shore.

3. I in grace abiding, am trying to stay,
In the shadow hiding of Canaan’s perfect day;
All I trust may fail me, ’twill matter no more,
Nothing can assail me on Canaan’s shore.


1. Lord, give me the mind and grace of Christ to be a man of peace at all times.

2. Bind and take authority over all your “herdsmen” and ask for complete victory over them all.
3. Ask for a persevering and fighting spirit that will not allow your pos sessions to be taken away.

4. Pray that the Holy Spirit will move in the Church to recover every stolen or lost possession of His children.

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