DAILY MANNA DCLM DEVOTIONAL 13 JUNE 2019 – Planted To Be Fruitful


TOPIC: Planted To Be Fruitful

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(DCLM Daily Manna 13 June 2019)

Text: Ezekiel 17:11-24 (KJV)

Key Verse: “In the mountain of the height of Israel will I plant it: and is shall bring forth boughs, and bear fruit and a goodly cedar; and under it shall dwell all fowl of every wing; in the shadow of the branches thereof shall they dwell” (Ezekiel 17:23).



The Lord sent a message to the rebellious house of Israel and gave interpretation of the riddle of two eagles and the vine. God spoke of the exile of the king and princes in Babylon and the covenant made with the king of Babylon who was the first eagle. Unfortunately, Israel broke the covenant by rebelling and going to Egypt for help. This was symbolized by the second eagle who could not secure her from the Babylonian oppression. Judgment of death in exile was pronounced on the king of Israel and the defeat of Pharaoh’s army. The Lord also was annoyed with Israel for breaking His covenant and decided to plant the vine that would bear fruits and shelter all fowls of every wing, thus signifying the coming of the Messiah and His kingdom encompassing all mankind.

The Lord expected Israel to be a noble vine above all other nations but she became degenerate, despising oaths and breaking covenants. Therefore, God sent His only begotten Son, who is the Vine planted to accommodate all mankind through the redemptive work at Calvary. The redeemed are therefore to flourish and be fruitful.

Moreover, Jesus calls Himself the true Vine and the redeemed (believers) the branches (John 15:1,2). As we come to the Lord, the Vine that accepts all, we must bear fruit of repentance first of all. Thereafter, we must bear the moral fruits of character, love for God and neighbours, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, lowliness, humility and temperance. The believer is also expected to be fruitful in soul-winning and that the fruits will abide in Christ. Trees that bear fruits need purging to bear more fruits. This is done by the word of God we read and hear daily which refines the inner man to draw us closer to God, make us more righteous and holy. Examine your life for fruits so that you will not be disappointed and cut off on the last day.


Thought For The Day: Fruit-bearing is the mark of true Christians.

The Bible In One Year: 2 Samuel 19-20


Deliverance from evil covenants

1. The evil covenant vv11-14.
a. Nebuchadnezzar dethroned king Jehoachin and led him to captivity in Babylon with his princes v12.

b. He enthroned a prince called Zedekiah and made a covenant and oath with him v13.

c. The content of the covenant is that Zedekiah, king of Judah, would not be dethroned on the condition that he would perfectly submit and cooperate with Nebuchadnezzar to plunder Jerusalem at will and thereby making it the basest of all nations v14.

d. Since it was a covenant made by the king, it was legally binding on all inhabitants of Jerusalem even though they might not be privy to it.

e. The covenant became binding and recognized by God as His covenant since God was a witness v19.

f. The king, on realizing that it was an evil covenant with heavy consequences, approached Pharaoh for assistance to be freed from the covenant. However God, the covenant keeper, said NO vv21, Hebrews 6:16.

g. Once a covenant deal is made, it is recognized by God and became binding even though it may be hurting Psalm 15:4b, 2Timothy 3:3a (covenant breakers)

g. The king, his descendants and Jerusalem thus became “lawful captives” by the voluntary covenant.

2. How to be delivered as “lawful captives” from evil covenants

a. Only a higher covenant can cancel another covenant.

b. The only covenant that can totally nullify all evil and satanic covenants is the New Covenant of the cross sealed by the blood of Jesus Hebrews 8:6,13.

c. There must be repentance from sin and change of Lordship and allegiance to Christ first before any evil covenant can be nullified vv12,13.

d. There must be clear and verbal renunciation of all the terms of the evil covenants in the name of Jesus.

e. Stand on the promises of God to deliver “lawful captives” Isaiah 49:24-26, Luke 4:18.



1. Christ Jesus hath the pow’r,
The power to forgive,
The pow’r to quicken whom He will,
And make the sinner live.
Christ Jesus hath the pow’r,
O tell it far and near!
O bring to Him your guilty heart,
And grace shall banish fear!


Christ Jesus hath the pow’r,
The pow’r of God He wields!
Christ Jesus hath the pow’r,
My heart surrender yields!
Christ Jesus hath the pow’r,
I trust Him evermore!
Christ Jesus hath the pow’r,
I worship and adore!

2. Christ Jesus hath the pow’r,
The power to renew,
The pow’r to cleanse your heart from sin,
And make you wholly true.
Christ Jesus hath the pow’r
For evermore to keep;
O none can pluck you from His hand,
Or rob Him of His sheep!


3. Christ Jesus hath the pow’r,
The power to console,
The pow’r to carry all your care—
On Him your burdens roll.
Christ Jesus hath the pow’r,
To wipe the tear away;
O place in Him your confidence!
O trust Him, and obey!


4. Christ Jesus hath the pow’r,
The power to destroy,
The pow’r to bruise your enemy
Who would your soul annoy.
Christ Jesus hath the pow’r,
When on your dying bed,
To give your soul the victory,
The pow’r to raise the dead!



1. Come under the “captivity” of Christ afresh by surrendering your life and future totally to Christ.

2. Lord, reveal and destroy any evil covenant, known or unknown to me, that is affecting my destiny and fruitfulness.

3. Lord, I hereby dissociate and renounce, by the blood of Jesus, any covenant of failure and limitations against my destiny.

4. Lord, I hereby plead that the power of the New Covenant, sealed by the blood of Jesus, will work mightily to set free anybody in the church struggling with any evil covenant.



Impossible Is Not God

DAILY MANNA DCLM DEVOTIONAL 13 JUNE 2019 – Planted To Be Fruitful

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