MFM Daily Devotional 8 July 2019 – Unction to Function (II)

MFM Daily Devotional 8 July 2019

MFM Daily Devotional

MFM Mountain Top Life Daily Devotional 8 July 2019 By Dr. D.K Olukoya

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TOPIC: Unction to Function (II)

Mountain Of Fire and Miracle Ministries

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Job 36-37; Acts 15:22-41

FIRE SCRIPTURE: 1 Kings 17:17-24

MEMORY VERSE: “And it came to pass, when Ahab saw Elijah, that Ahab said unto him, Art thou he that troubleth Israel?” – 1 Kings 18:17

MFM Daily Devotional 8 July 2019


Yesterday, we unanimously agreed on the biblical truth that believers need the unction of God to function, do exploits in His kingdom and fulfil their divine assignments. God has given His children dominion over all the works of His hands and wants His children not only to enforce the dominion but to also reign in life. We cannot do all these without possessing and using the power and fire of God. We also noted that many Christians have abandoned the pursuit of power and fire of the Holy Spirit for the pursuit of mundane things like money, career and fame. Today, we would look at the achievements Elijah recorded because he sought God’s face, received power, fire and revelation for his assignment and the amazing reward he got for succeeding.

First, it should be noted that the first sign that Elijah carried God’s power was his boldness and courage. In the Acts of Apostles, there was a major transformation in the lives of the apostles when they received power from on High. The once jittery and fearful men became bold to witness and preach Jesus, their risen Lord, in spite of the threat of the authorities. Elijah was bold before king Ahab and he made a pronouncement that shut the heavens over Israel for three and a half years, right in the presence of the king. He was also bold and courageous enough to challenge the prophets of Baal to a contest on Mount Carmel. He was so sure of what his God could do because he carried His power and fire, and God’s word was also with him. Beloved this year, whatever it will cost you, make sure you receive God’s power and fire for effective service to God.

Second, because Elijah had stayed in God’s presence long enough to acquire His power and fire, he could ridicule, defeat and dislodge his enemies. He could, as a one man riot squad, confront and conquer Baal and its worshippers and return the hearts of the people as well as Israel as a nation to God. Elijah birthed revival in the land and God was glorified. In the end, he did not taste death but was transported to heaven by the chariot of fire and whirlwind God sent to earth to pick him up.

Without God’s power and fire at work in his life, this feat would have been impossible. You need power to ridicule and defeat your enemies and everything opposed to your joy, peace and progress. You also need to record numerous supernatural achievements in your secular and spiritual lives this year. How do you get these? Wait on the Lord and receive His power and fire. With these, you will be unstoppable, unbeatable and indomitable this year and always!

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God will give you unction in your gumption.

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MFM Mountain Top Life Daily Devotional



Father, I admit that without You I can do nothing. Give me the unction to function and do exploits for You, in the name of Jesus.

Father, endue me with power and fire from on High, in the name of Jesus.

Power to ridicule my enemies, my life is available, fall upon me, in the name of Jesus.


The unction and fire to win souls for God, fall upon me, in the name of Jesus.

Power to fulfil my divine assignment, come upon me now, in the name of Jesus.

I receive the power and fire to confront and defeat false prophets and enemies of the gospel, in the name of Jesus.

Anything programmed or assigned to take my focus and love for God’s power and kingdom and replace it with love of mundane things, die, in the name of Jesus.

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MFM Mountain Top Life Daily Devotional is a daily devotional by Dr. D.K Olukoya who is the General Overseer, Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries, Worldwide

Impossible Is Not God

MFM Daily Devotional 8 July 2019 – Unction to Function (II)

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